Indrek Patte was born in Antsla, Estonia on April 30, 1959. He is an Estonian musician, singer-songwriter, recording engineer and producer.

I am very glad that as a child, I was encouraged to be creative. My father was an art teacher and my mother taught Estonian literature, she also studied traditional folk culture. They both loved music and sang in choirs and my sister learned to play the piano. I got my first stage experience before I went to school – I sang a solo piece at a concert. Since we had the piano at home I started practising by myself.

Early on, at around 7, Indrek began to listen to a lot of pop and rock music in English.

My first favourites were the Beatles and a little later Led Zeppelin. In 1972, listening to an album Close To The Edge by Yes, I discovered a progressive rock, the kind of music that completely reflected my own inner world. In the 70s I listened to a lot of wonderful music by Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Emerson Lake and Palmer etc.”

When Indrek was 15 years old, he started to sing and play keyboards in his first band Elf. At the age of 16 he wrote his first songs and began playing in the local band Dix.

In 1977, while in university, Indrek met the bass guitar player Margus Kliimask and a couple of years later they founded the band Linnu Tee together. It was the beginning of writing and performing his first progressive rock compositions. In the beginning of the 80s Indrek took part in various pop bands as a lead singer.

In 1984, Indrek started working as a recording engineer and producer in an audio recording studio Matrix Studios in Tallinn. Since then he has recorded, mixed and produced over 150 CDs from most well-known Estonian singers and ensembles. He has recorded and mixed a wide range of styles from folk, jazz and rock to classical music etc.

In 1987, Indrek became the vocalist for the Estonian rock giant Ruja. Quitting the band in 1988 he continued with Linnu Tee, releasing two albums.

In the 90s he wrote music for several film sountracks.

In 1996, Indrek was awarded the Estonian cultural prize ”Suur Vanker” with the title of the best sound engineer and arranger. One year later he was nominated for the same award as the best film composer.

In 2003, Indrek co-formed the Led Zeppelin tribute band Led R with some ex-members of Ruja, releasing an album called ”Led The R Out” with Narva Town Symphony Orchestra.

In 2004, Indrek became a Christian and started playing in a worship band. In 2011, as a result of a long evolution and sincere love for progressive rock music, Indrek released his first solo album “Celebration”, spiritual in its message, his personal thanksgiving to God.

In November 2014 Indrek released his second studio album ”Thank And Share”.

Hope the Best is yet to come!


Some of Indrek’s favourite music(ians):


Bands: Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Neal Morse, Transatlantic, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Camel, Jethro Tull, Steve Hackett, The Beatles

Albums: Close To The Edge, Relayer, Foxtrot, Selling England By The Pound, Trick Of The Tale, Tarkus, Octopus, In A Glass House, Dark Side Of The Moon, Passion Play

Songs: Close To The Edge (Yes), Supper’s Ready (Genesis), Tarkus (Emerson Lake and Palmer), On Reflection (Gentle Giant), Firth Of Fifth (Genesis), Thick As A Brick (Jethro Tull), Gates Of Delirium (Yes), Author Of Confusion (Neal Morse), Songs From The Wood (Jethro Tull), Here Comes The Flood (Peter Gabriel)